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Our Amazing Bats, handmade since 1955

We produce a variety of cricket bats, which makes it difficult to display images of all of them. Therefore, we have provided you with a selection of images and kindly request that if you are looking for a new cricket bat, you contact Ray for further assistance. We regularly offer special deals on a weekly basis and we would love for you to take advantage of them by allowing us to offer you an exclusive deal.

So, if you want a new bat, call Ray on 07771 776636

honestly, it makes sense!


Fearnley Cricket Bats


Black & Gold 5*






DF Heritage


DF Magnum



NEW Part-Exchange Bat Scheme

You can now Part-Exchange your old wooden cricket bat, no matter what make it is and save up to £200 on any of our Duncan Fearnley cricket bats.

The very least we will give you is £100 even if it's in poor & broken condition.

Quite simply, your bat is graded by us at either :

  • Reuseable, good condition, PEC (Part Exchange Credit) = £200

  • Old and broken beyond repairing PEC = £100

  • Once part-exchanged your bat belongs to us

Bat PX Scheme logo(500 x 500 px)_edited.

Taking Care of Your Fearnley Bat

Here at Fearnley Cricket Shop Devon, we cherish every cricket bat we sell. Our skilled craftsmen ensure that each bat is meticulously prepared. But, as you start using your bat, it's normal for it to experience wear and tear. Here are some tips to help you get the best performance out of your bat:

  1. Oiling your cricket bat: Before each season, it's important to oil your bat using Raw Linseed oil. Follow these steps for the perfect balance:

    • Use a soft rag to apply a thin coat of oil to the face, edges, toe, and back of the bat. Remember not to over oil

    • After applying the oil, let the bat dry horizontally for at least 12 hours

    • Apply a second coat in the same manner

    • Leave the bat to dry for another 24 hours

    • Your cricket bat is now ready to be knocked in

    • To keep the wood supple and prevent cracking, we recommend oiling your bat twice a year.

  2. Anti-scuff facing and oiling: If your bat has an anti-scuff cover, the face will not need oiling. However, the back requires oiling once a year. Apply two light coats of linseed oil and let it dry for at least 24 hours before adding the anti-scuff facing

  3. Knocking in: To increase the bat's durability, we advise careful knocking in and using an anti-scuff facing. Our professional knocking-in service is available for you to add to your order. Remember these tips:

    • Gradually press and harden the fibres of the willow, taking special care with the edges and toe of the bat

    • Only strike the bat directly on the front face or front face edges, never on the back or side

    • After knocking in your bat for a minimum of 4-6 hours, test it at the nets with some short catches using an old cricket ball

    • If you notice seam marks or indentations, continue the knocking process for a longer time

    • Most bats may take up to 6 hours to be fully knocked in.


Handmade quality British bats

Fearnley premium cricket bats encompass various handmade techniques to produce the best quality English Willow cricket bat with an outstanding balance.

  • Finest quality handcrafted air-dried selected Grade 1 unbleached English willow

  • Malaysian Manau cane handle of 12-piece construction, treble-sprung rubber wedge inserted in the base and strung with strong rayon twine for the ultimate performance

  • Straight, even grains with no blemishes or colour stains/knots

  • Big forgiving sweet spot, giving a larger hitting zone

  • Superbly weighted and balanced

  • Blade individually pressed for the ultimate performance

  • Shaped large edge profile

  • Beautifully waxed polish finish.

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