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UMPs World of Balls

Football, Handball, Netball, Dodgeball, Gaelic Football, Hurling and many others

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Mitre Shooter Netball

A highly durable classic - the match day choice of clubs and schools.
Made from high-wear rubber to suit play on any surface.
Deep emboss gives great handling and grip.

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Mitre Attack 18 Panel Netball

Hand-stitched training ball. Eye-catching, iconic design in cool colours.
Grippy soft touch emboss - Great for individual skill development and team training sessions. Perfect for all conditions.

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Rhino Thunder Moulded Netball

The Rhino Thunder is an ideal multi-purpose netball, offering schools, clubs and teams an affordable option with limited budgets. This moulded, non-stitch netball features a bold grip pattern and is fitted with a nylon butyl bladder.

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Mitre Expert Handball

Excellent quality handball training for all levels of play and all age groups. Vulcanised soft rubber outer. High durability on all surfaces



Rhino Cyclone Handball

The new Rhino Cyclone handball is perfect for you if you’re after an elite match and training ball. The exclusive three-dimensional grain pattern adds durability and longevity to the handball. Rubber blend, hand-stitched ball with three-ply laminated construction.

Even without resin, this handball feels good in the hand. The especially dense air-trap valve and the latex bladder ensure that the air stays in the ball for a long time.

425g - 475g, Size 3, 58 - 60cm circumference

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Gioco Soft-touch Volleyball

Durable PVC construction gives a great responsive touch, with soft-touch technology adding that softer feel for excellent grip.

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Wilson - Mr Wilson (Castaway) Volleyball

The Critics' Choice Award Winner for Best Inanimate Object (2001) is also a fan favourite on the court. This replica of the actual ball used in the movie has a top-quality, synthetic leather cover for a great touch and feel. The Mr. Wilson Castaway may be a great friend, but it's an even better ball.

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Molten V5M3500 Volleyball

The Molten 3500 Volleyball is the perfect choice of ball for use in clubs and schools.
Made from a durable, waterproof polyurethane material. The Molten 3500 volleyball offers high performance using a nylon wound dual-layer laminated butyl bladder for true flight and shape.

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Molten V5M1800-L Volleyball

The Molten V5m1800-L is the perfect volleyball for junior school matches. Synthetic leather, hand-stitched. Official size and weight.

18 panels. Lightweight (230-250g). Latex bladder.



Molten D2S1200-UK Soft Dodgeball

Soft touch, no sting.
Moulded construction.

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Molten LD3G Dodgeball

Competition-grade rubber ball.
Can be re-inflated.

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Nerf Proshot Dodge Ball

Have the most intense game of dodgeball with the NERF PROSHOT™ Dodgeball. Designed with a textured surface so it is easy to grip by kids of all ages. It is super soft so it is safe to play indoors and out. So get ready, set and play dodgeball with your NERF PROSHOT™ Dodgeball.
Super soft core and durable exterior
Assorted colours; Red, Blue, Yellow and Green


American Football

Wilson NFL 32 Team Logo American Football

Every kick, snap, and touchdown in the NFL has been played with a Wilson. Practice like your sports heroes or display in pride of place with the NFL 32 team logo game ball. It comes in a high performance composite cover that matches the original in-game feel and professional excellence.
OFFICIAL SIZE: Official regulation size, ideal for ages 14 and up.
REPLICA STYLE: Built to get as close as we can to the real Duke, delivering a similar look and performance, and updated with the red, silver, and blue NFL Shield.

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American Football

Wilson NFL American Football

The Wilson NFL Jet Black Junior combines grippy, high-performance black composite material with matching jet-streamed graphics to give your game a sleek, effortless look - off the throw and on the reception.
JET BLACK: Take flight like a fighter plane with NFL Jet Black football's stealth black design
ULTIMATE GRIP: Black composite cover provides a superior, tacky feel for a better grip
STAYS INFLATED: Butyl Rubber bladder provides advanced air retention
ENHANCED DURABILITY: Multi-layered lining for consistent shape and durability

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American Football

Wilson NFL Micro American Football

The Wilson Micro American football is a fantastic recreational mini ball, perfect for a game of catch with your friends to pass the time. Built to a high specification, this mini American football maintains the same uncompromised performance of the full-sized Wilson American footballs, making a great leisure play ball.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Built with a durable construction, easy grip and size, you can conveniently kick off a game any day.

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American Football

Nerf Spiral Grip Football

Play at your highest level with the Nerf Spiral Grip football! This football features a textured surface and patented SPACELACE® to deliver the ultimate performance. Practice passes and catches with a ball that’s great for indoor and outdoor play.
Throw insane spirals! 
Machine Stitched and textured surface

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Midwest Baseball Glove & Ball

This vinyl, left-handed glove is perfect for grabbing catches out of the air. Durable tanned synthetic leather for recreational players that mimics the suppleness and durability of a leather glove. Comfortable contoured design with good shock absorption padding and faux fur lining on the backhand wrist. Strong synthetic leather welting, binding and laces. 100% strong nylon stitch. Double cross deep pocket T web. 10.5" left-hand glove suitable for juniors who throw with the right hand and catch with the left.

Includes a 9" soft rubber sponge core practice Baseball.

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Midwest Junior Baseball Set

Set Includes:
24” Rubber Wood Bat
9” Junior Baseball Glove
9” soft rubber sponge core practice Baseball
Batting Glove



Wilson NBA Tribute All Team Basketball

THE ALL-TEAM RED, WHITE, & BLUE BASKETBALL: All 30 teams come together with the Wilson NBA All-Team Red, White, & Blue Basketball. Show your love for the game and the teams that make every season memorable. The Performance Cover provides grip even on the roughest surfaces. Inflation Retention Lining creates longer-lasting air retention with this ball designed for ultimate outdoor durability and the ultimate fan.
PERFORMANCE COVER: Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces
NBA PRO SEAMS: New channel construction suited to player preference
OFFICIAL BRANDING: Features all 30 NBA team logos
OFFICIAL SIZE: This size 7 (29.5") basketball is the perfect size to honour the entire team



Wilson NBA Mini Basketball Hoop

With Wilson's NBA Mini Hoop, you don’t need a court to get shots up. Play anywhere and represent the NBA's unique paint splatter design. This hoop can fit over doorways with ease for quick setup.
EASY SET-UP: Quick and easy set-up so you can play right away
DOOR-MOUNT: Hoop mounts over most standard doors
BALL & HOOP: Kit includes mini ball and hoop
GRAPHICS: League graphics in a paint splatter design



Nike Swoosh Skills Basketball Size 3

Built with tough vulcanized rubber and deep channels for better hand alignment, the Nike Swoosh (Size 3) Mini Basketball is ideal for players of all ages to develop their ball-handling skills outdoors. Durable Exterior Made For Outdoor Play
Deep Channels for Precise Hand Alignment and Control
Textured Pebbles Maximize Ball Control and Feel

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Molten 1600 Rubber Basketball

Made from high-quality rubber, this basketball is ideal for training on + both indoor and outdoor courts, including concrete and hardwood surfaces. With a nylon-wound butyl bladder and a tough outer surface, the durability of this ball makes it perfect for practising dribbling, passing, and shooting.  Performs on courts, both indoors and out.
Number of Panels: 12. Cover Material: Rubber. Bladder: Butyl. Construction: Molded.

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Nerf Pro Hoop

The NERF PRO HOOP basketball set transforms any bedroom or living room into your own personal basketball court. This premium quality over the door hoop fits most standard bedroom doors and assembles quick so you can start dunking!
Backboard: 18" x 12"
Ball: 5" Pro Style PVC Basketball

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Nerf Proshot Rubber Basketball

Become a pro player with the Nerf PROSHOT™ Basketball. The grooves give young players the ultimate grip for passing and scoring. Get out on the court and show off your skills with the Nerf PROSHOT™ basketball!
True Bounce molded rubber

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Gioco Mini Smile2 Basketball

Junior rubber basketball with a design appeal for the younger player.
Ideal for use indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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Gioco Street2 Basketball

A colourful street rubber basketball ideal park, recreation and education play.
For use indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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Gaelic Football

Murphy's Gaelic Footballs

Murphy’s Go Games First Touch, Quick Touch and Smart Touch balls have been designed for children to help them learn, develop and master the skills of Gaelic football.
The balls have been developed around the requirements of the GAA Go Game initiative for children up to 12 years of age.
The colourful and modern appealing design clearly indicates the three levels of ball First, Quick & Smart Touch. With an all-weather construction to keep children having fun, regardless of the elements or pitch.

First Touch – Under 8 Years

Quick Touch – Under 10 Years

Smart Touch – Under 12 Years

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Murphy's Hurling Sliotar Match Ball

Murphy’s Hurling Sliotar Match Balls are made of the highest quality. Suitable for all match and training environments. All-weather construction, to keep the team on the pitch regardless of the elements or pitch. Made with durable Micro Fibre Synthetic Leather.
3-phase moulded PU core for a consistent feel and bounce. Hand-stitched for extra durability. Official size and weight. Weight 110 - 115 grams.

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Giant Shuttlecock 17cm x 6.5cm

The Giant Shuttlecock is great for youngsters. This oversized Shuttlecock flies well in all conditions. It is 17.5cm (6.9") high, having a diameter of 15cm (5.9") and a foam base measuring 7cm (2.75"). Ideal for outdoor throwing and catching games to improve hand-eye coordination and learn about the shuttle's flight, as recommended by Badminton England. Assorted Colours

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Yonex Mavis 300 Shuttles - Tube of 6

The combination of close-to-feather shuttlecock flight performance and four to five times more durability than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock makes the YONEX MAVIS series the most cost-effective choice for practice sessions. The hardness of the skirt – the feather part of the nylon shuttlecock – varies depending on temperature.

Nylon Shuttles. Medium speed. Tube of 6. White or Yellow.

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Nerf Foam Balls Set

Nerf Proshot Multisport Foam Ball Set

Become a multi-sport pro with the NERF Multi-Sport Ball set.
This set includes a mini football, soccer ball and basketball to be played anywhere and anytime. Its soft foam makes this set fun and safe for kids over 3+.

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Nerf Playground Balls

Nerf Pro Shot Playground Balls

Play endless games with your friends with the NERF PROSHOT™ Playground Ball. This ball was designed with a textured surface to give you the ultimate control and grip. The moulded rubber makes this ball durable and strong enough to withstand the biggest kicks and throws! Whether you are indoors or out, this ball is perfect for any playground game!
Moulded rubber for durability Comes in green, blue and red.

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Nerf Proshot Foam Soccer Ball

Score the ultimate goal with the NERF PROSHOT™ soccer ball.

It's soft and compact, so anyone can play anywhere.

Made for both indoors and outdoors for hours of fun!

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Mitre Ultimatch Max Match Balls

FIFA Quality stamp accreditation mark. Crafted with a unique 14-panel configuration.
4.5mm Hyperfoam. Converts power into pure kinetic energy for boosted speed.

Available in yellow or white

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Mitre Impel Training Ball

Crafted with and efficient and hard wearing 30-panel construction.

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Mitre FA Cup Football 23/24

Introducing the Mitre Emirates FA Cup Training football for the 23/24 season. A training-level replica of the official Ultimax Pro Emirates FA Cup Ball. Taking inspiration from classic Mitre balls in the past and updating for this year's competition.

Featuring a foam back lining, to ensure maximum control, and so players can develop their confidence as they play. It's been designed with durability in mind and superb air retention, so it will withstand use for the full season.

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