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VIP Membership

Terms and Conditions

The VIP section is a Brand New range for our loyal customers. We want them to benefit from buying through us over some time—a reward of £10 credit points for every £100 spent by our loyal customers. This can continue to build up and can be used towards purchasing further items through ourselves at a later time.
All VIP members will have their own VIP number to enable us to add points to their accounts as purchasing takes place. These loyalty credits can be used towards a further purchase at any time but cannot be redeemed for cash.

 VIP Membership

Once you sign up, you will receive your VIP registered number.

For every £100.00 you spend with us, you will receive loyalty credits of £10.00 to go towards an order placed with us in the future.

This covers anything we are either showing or seeing via our head office main webpage,

As long as purchased via ourselves

Thanks for submitting we will be in touch shortly!

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