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Set Includes:

24” Rubber Wood Bat

9” Junior Baseball Glove

9” soft rubber sponge core practise Baseball

Batting Glove


24” Rubber Wood Bat

Made of high-quality natural rubber wood Bat with balanced weight

Sanded and polished smooth grip

Great for recreational use

9” Junior Baseball Glove

Durable Tanned synthetic leather for recreational players that mimics the suppleness and durability of a leather Glove

Comfortable contoured design with good level of shock absorption padding and faux fur lining on the backhand wrist

Strong synthetic leather welting, binding and laces

100% strong Nylon stitch

Double cross deep pocket T web

9” Left hand Glove suitable for kids who throw with the right hand and catch with the left

9” Baseball

Size: 9”

Stitched PVC

Soft rubber and sponge core

Midwest Junior Baseball Set

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