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BRAND NEW! Introducing RapidArm, the ultimate NEW GENERATION cricket ball thrower designed to revolutionise your cricket training sessions. RapidArm is a must-have tool for cricket enthusiasts of all skill levels.

This cutting-edge thrower boasts a range of impressive features, including five adjustable throwing arm lengths ranging from 35cm to 55cm.

Beginners can enjoy speeds starting from 80 kph, while seasoned players can challenge themselves with speeds of up to 160 kph. 

The device also guarantees easy release of the ball, making it incredibly user-friendly for beginners, part-time coaches and amateur players as well as Professionals. With RapidArm, ball throwing is no longer the domain of skilled operators.

Due to it’s unique properties the cup expands and contracts to the size of the ball. So can be effectively used with Junior, Women’s, senior mens and Swinga balls. WE RECOMEND THAT A BALL OF THE SIZE YOU WILL BE USING IS PLACED IN THE CUP AT ALL TIMES

RapidArm Ball Thrower

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